Sevenoaks Power Flushing

If you are finding that your radiators take a long time to heat or not all your radiators are heating as they should, it could be that your central heating pipework is either partially or fully blocked. You may also notice that your radiators only heat at the top and are cold or cooler at the bottom which could indicate that your central heating system requires to be professionally cleaned using a powerflush machine. At A Brassett our engineers are fully trained to trace and remove blockages in your central heating system and they are fully equipped with the latest powerflush machines and equipment.

What’s involved?

Before we powerflush your system , firstly we will carry out a system health check to your system, this involves taking water samples and getting them tested by to see what the best treatment for your system would be.

Power Flushing is the removal of sludge (black magnetite) and corrosion debris from a central heating system. This is carried out by using pumping chemicals through the central heating system to loosen the sludge which is then removed from the system. The process is very clean, there is no mess from any aspect of the work and no radiators need to be removed in order for the job to be completed. The power flush procedure will last no longer than one day (depending on the number of radiators) but for a more precise time please book a free no obligation quote today with us ! When it comes to Power Flushing we strongly recommend having a Magnaclean fitted to your system regardless if it is new or old.